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What Is Wisdom Anyway?
What Is Wisdom Anyway?
A sermon on the worst wedding ever

Today’s post on the bridesmaids was more than a post — it was also a sermon! I enjoyed preaching this one and thought you all might appreciate listening in. You’ll hear in my voice that I had fun this morning in the pulpit.

Join me as I turn a familiar parable upside down and inside out. Remember: there’s no one way to interpret a parable, only multiple possibilities that stretch our spiritual imaginations and bring us closer to, well, wisdom!

The written version was in today’s morning email.

Feel free to share this one with your friends, especially since X (formerly Twitter) is purposefully throttling the links I post online. It is getting much, much harder for readers to find their way to The Cottage via social media.



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Thanks to the good people (and visiting guests) of Siloam United Church in London, Ontario, where this sermon was preached, for their generous hospitality and great sense of humor. We had a weekend full of surprising, unexpected stories — and experienced the power of stories to change the world for the better.

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The parables of Christ, even the innocent, pastoral, tender, innocuous-seeming ones, conceal just below the surface a whiplash, a shock, a charge of dynamite.
The stories set conventional expectations, whether concerning God, religion, politics, vocation, status and class, utterly off kilter.

— Daniel Berrigan, SJ

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