We live in too interesting times, so much thanks for the reality check, Ken Burns link....I viewed it (he's definitely a story teller!) and will be sending the copied link to friends.

I'd never have found it/viewed it had you not included it. MUCH THANKS!

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Diana, spot on with Ken Burns very powerful Graduation Speech. Thank you for sharing. Whenever I'm down, it will be my go to spot between Now and the NOV. Election. and send it forward to as many as possible along the way. Grateful.

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Wow, that speech made me cry. Very powerful.

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I’m quite taken aback with pleasure of being in good company. Jesus and Kennedy are the first two proper names my Evangelical family discussed as a family.

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Thank you for sharing Ken Burns' address to the Brandeis University Class of 2024. Powerful, thought provoking, and delivered in a way that only a highly respected historian and human being could.

I've listened to it twice and will do so again.

I hope there is a written transcript somewhere.

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Go to https://alumni.edu/news/2024commencement/transcripts.ken-burns-remarks.html . There is a written transcript.! It states it is a descriptive transcript.

that just may mean they put in audience reaction in the transcript. 8 pages I too like the written word especially when I am so moved and want to share. Peace Bonita.

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Jun 5·edited Jun 5

I have questions.

Here I am at the intersection of "apocalyptic hope" and "late-stage-capitalism-co-opted-one-time democracy-but-even-then-more-like-rule-by-aristoi-with-bone-thrown-to-common-folk-in-the-form-of-election-day-vote-alienation from nation" looking for my car keys, wondering how we got here. Couple of observations from out here on my limb. You've spoken about how memoir is the most compelling idiom right now in discourse on spirituality.

Any application to history of the republic, our collective story? Is there a meaningful sense in which we have or need a common story? What does our refusal to agree on some core story say about future prospects? Shouldn't that story be big enough for everybody in some sense if we say we're committed to a democratic process? And if we hold that as our ideal, how do we interact with those who reject common goods in pursuit of private interests?

Tripp threw out a very interesting distinction in a previous conversation between deliberative and performative modes of politics. What's the "thing" that's being characterized? The behavior of the elected representative? The manner of participation of the electorate? The character of the discourse in the public square?

Can we do commonwealth any more? Is it possible to retrieve or reconstruct some sense of common good? Or has mammon wrested control of the venue and means of discourse as well as the means of production and the resources of Havilah to make shiny idols to sell. (That's Gen 2:11 for my fellow Catholics out there.)

What does it mean to do the practice of politics well, in a manner conducive to human flourishing? Will the zeitgeist's fixation on pragmatic efficiency smother any hint of a better way? Clay Jenkinson of the Jefferson Hour (now Listening to America) podcast argues that Jefferson thought that the new nation would need constitutional conventions every twenty years or so to sustain the American experiment. Can we even envision such a possibility when K Street has the grip it has on our process?

You offered a vehement avowal that you would never again "waste" a vote in a recent Ruining Dinner. What are we doing when we vote? It can't be our only form of political participation. And in the presidential process as we have it now, can we even know if our vote will be deliverable as intended with the electoral college and the notion of faithless electors and the "real" vote happening in Washington DC in December. What does the mere existence of such technicalities say about the integrity and efficacy of our vote? Am I being a tool or exercising authentic rational agency in voting (again) for Miss Dolly in November? (Before you laugh, listen to the Dolly Parton's America podcast and then decide.)

We're always supposed to be ready to give an account for our hope. Will the New Jerusalem always be just beyond our reach? Or can we get there from here? If only it were the case that all politics is local, that the little way done well would be enough. This could be something we could go to work on. To me the really challenging question is, how do I offer a reason behind my hope, and is my faith strong enough to allow me to trust in the face of all the forces arrayed around us.

Like I said, I have questions. But please pass me a red pill.

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Thank you so much for sharing Ken Burns speech. I almost didn't take the time to listen. I'm so glad I did.

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Saw the Ken Burns clip last week and tried to spread it forward. Truly excellent. Hoping to catch you in the conversations. You take on things is always helpful. Thank you!

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Oh my. Ken Burns ' speech brought out such strong emotions for me. Thank you, Diana, for sharing it!

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Listened to your reflection Diana what yo said about our founding mother's and father's rings so true. While many of my ancestors came over before the Am. Revolution, my religious ancestry is Reformed, Scotch Presbyterian, maybe some Catholic. It is just that mixing in the New World that created and creates so much of our wonderful diversity. May we deliberately keep our diversity and our freedom this fall. Thank you both for your encouragement. So hopeful to know I am not alone. As I have been saying and Ken said so well "Listen, Listen," and then I would add be deliberative.

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Ok. It’s a full on ugly cry!!! I love this man. He is a rally cry for goodness, mercy and change.

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Love your last name, may be of the same clan originally? And Ken was so encouraging and yes the arts need to be required again in all college majors in all colleges. He slipped that in too.!

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Beautifully orated speech by Ken Burns - and very unsettling to hear him express the unspoken fear I feel as the world awaits the US November election results.

I was quite surprised at the muted response from the graduates and trust it found a place in their hearts and leads to action and voting not just light applause on their special day.

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Thank you! Ken Burns and Diana for sharing. I listened to this just before bedtime but it is not the last time. And I will share with every one I can. It is a speech that should go viral. We are still home of the brave !

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Thank you for both links, both were excellent. There are times listening to Ken Burns is from the beyond, this was one of them.

Looking forward to Faith and Politics very much.

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Outstanding speech from Ken Burns. Thank you for linking this for us.

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Re Faith and Politics!!

Life After Doom

By Brian D. McLaren

Narrated by Brian D. McLaren

Listen on Audible:


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