Everything My Mother Told Me Never to Discuss

A Podcast Round-Up

When I was a girl, my mother told me that it was impolite to discuss religion, politics, or sex in public. So, what did I do? Talk about all those things in recent podcasts.

I’ve been invited on some great shows to talk about the upcoming elections, the future of Christianity, fundamentalism and Jerry Falwell, the importance of tradition, the Lord’s Prayer, and other subjects. After listening to them again (which I did!) I’m struck by the similar themes that wind through all — a passion for history, hope for the future, and openness to engage faith with creativity, surprise, and wonder.

Below are links to the conversations. Click on the pictures to access the pods.

Find a topic you’re interested in and enjoy! Maybe you’ll find a new favorite podcast. I hope your heart and mind will be moved no matter which you choose.

Powers and Principalities with Blake Chastain

Blake and I talked about the history of fundamentalism - and we wound up going deep into the psychology of conservative Protestantism, the trauma of the Scopes Monkey Trial, and the problems of shame and scapegoating in American religion.

Straight White American Jesus with Bradley Onishi

Jerry Falwell made way too many headlines last month. A few days before he resigned from Liberty University, Brad Onishi and I talked about why this scandal was a big deal, the gendered nature of evangelical scandals, and whether or not redemption is possible.

Future Christian with Loren Richmond

A great discussion about how the past shapes the future - especially the impulse toward romantic religion, the reclaiming of Christian practice, and how history is so much messier than we can imagine. The conversation relates all this to the crisis of COVID and what might lie ahead for churches after the pandemic.

Quest with Brandan Robertson

Brandan Robertson celebrated the North American release of his book, Nomad, by hosting a series of conversations with mentors and friends. We talked about the impulse of nomadic spirituality and the need to be rooted in tradition.

Eternal Current with Aaron Niequist

Aaron Niequist walked through The Lord’s Prayer line-by-line with authors, activists, and pastors. He asked me to reflect on “Our Father” (episode 27) and “Who art in Heaven” (episode 28). The whole series is wonderful.

Protestants and Politics with Napp Nazworth

A tweet thread about being introduced to southern pro-slavery theology while at seminary inspired host Napp Nazworth to invite me for a conversation about race, hierarchy, and shifts in evangelical religion over the last three decades. OK, I cried.

Reading Hope in Trying Times

Writing for Your Life interviewed a host of authors about COVID, politics, advice on getting through tough times, and the challenges we are facing. The line-up is fantastic, and the entire series is available by clicking on the red title icon. My interview is on that larger list - and is also linked separately below for easy access.

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